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Trade & Transport Law Dispuut

Het Trade & Transport Law Dispuut richt zich op internationaal georiënteerde studenten die geïnteresseerd zijn in handels en -transportrecht. Door het bezoeken van zowel advocatenkantoren als niet-juridische bedrijven brengen wij het studentenleven en de praktijk samen. Daarbij organiseren we borrels en diners. Zo leer je mensen kennen met dezelfde passie voor transportrecht als jij!

Het bestuur van het collegejaar 2017/2018 uit:


President Koen Dorsman
Treasurer Rob van Bergen
Commissioner of Internal Affairs Gergana Georgieva
Commissioner of External Affairs Savina Alexieva

Website: www.ttla.eu

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The Trade & Transport Law Association aims to involve internationally oriented students interested in the field of trade and transport. By visiting a broad spectrum of firms and companies engaged in this field we introduce students and practitioners to each other. Additionally, we offer a broad variety of social events in order to get acquainted with others that share your passion for this field of law! 

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Over ons

TTLA is a student association connected to the Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Rotterdam (JFR) and the Erasmus School of Law. Our objectives are to Represent, Support and Connect.

We aim to improve study and practice in the master programs for Maritime & Transport and Commercial & Company Law and to facilitate students to come in contact with the working community in of Rotterdam. Moreover, we wish to assist also international students as they are finding their way in the Netherlands. With workshops, seminars and network meetings TTLA aims to build a bridge between academic studies and real practice. In other words, we try to prepare students for their professional life. Because of its famous harbour, Rotterdam provides a  unique basis, especially for the internationally minded.
We develop student life in both aspects - business as well as pleasure. As friendship is the foundation of any good business relationship, so we also invest in giving students from all over the world an opportunity to get to know each other and have fun. Currently we have more than 60 active members with whom we are in a day-to-day contact.





Social activities
Live and enjoy every moment of student life! TTLA offers a broad variety of social activities; get acqainted with staff and fellow students that share your passion for trad and transport law.

Carrier opportunities
As the only study association for trade and transportation law, we facilitate career opportunities for aspiring students in this field of work. Be it internships or starting positions, our partnering organizations will keep a keen eye out for you.

International community
Far away from your roots? Make the world port city your home away from home. Get to know our community of international students; share experiences, organize activities and meet your new friends in Rotterdam!

World port
TTLA is located at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in close vincinity to the largest port on the Western hemisphere. Thanks to our close ties to the trade and transportation sector we are able to offer valuable insight into the practice of legal professionals in this world port city.



[email protected]

+31 (0)655 797 181

Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
Room EB-29
3062 PA Rotterdam

Postbus 1738
Room EB-29
3000 DR Rotterdam


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